CATACOMBS -next Android release!

Hi! I proudly came with a new project with a few months of hard work and it’s entering in its final phase of development.CATACOMBS puts us in Zhao’s shoes who will have to go through rooms full of dangers.It will be released on Android shortly… I show you some images of the development process and Read more about CATACOMBS -next Android release![…]

ScreenShot ErosX

ErosX ~ Vertical Shoot’ Em Up!

‘ErosX’ is my first videogame published so it represents a lot for me. It’s a short vertical shooter released for PC. Inmerse yourself in the battle against hordes of enemies who will not hesitate to destroy your little ship. ‘ErosX’ will take your hands and your brain to the limit. Platform: PC. Genre: Shoot’em up Read more about ErosX ~ Vertical Shoot’ Em Up![…]