Rukis Productions is an independent game developer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was founded in 2015 by programmer Rukito.

Our members

  • Rukito: leader and developer. He also handles 3D art and design.
  • Raven: designer. He also handles code, 2D art and writing.
  • Mara Morrigan: 2D artist and designer.
  • CharlieZmb: Introducer developer. He also helps with QA testing.
  • Skei: Musician. He also helps with marketing.
  • Millie: Social media manager.

You can support us and join our community and talk directly with us by joining our server Discord and get more benefits becoming our Patron!


What we do

  • PC (Win, Mac, Linux)
  • Release date: July 2022


  • Created by Rukito
  • Music by Skei
  •  Help with 2D art and promotional art by Mara Morrigan, Raven and Sline Ju
  • Unity Engine 4

PARADAICE is an action car combat game for 1-6 players with strong gamemodes, technical battles and exciting single player campaign!

  • Experiment with 9 types of basic weapons + 2 specials per car!
  • Try different gamemodes
  • Choose between 7 characters, all of them with its own special features and abilities
  • Explore the 9 maps + specials along the single player campaing!
  • Online multiplayer mode with friends!
  • Amazing OST by the talented Skei