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Hey! We finally released our new mobile videogame for Android devices. This is a fantasy-themed hack and slash adventure.  Join Zhao on this incredible journey through the full of dangers catacombs. You’ll need to be patient to face the enemies and avoid the traps that stand in your way on the different rooms. CATACOMBS wants…
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Make your way through hordes of unexpected visitors! “Corridor” is available since this halloween… This game is a classic shooting runner developed in a few weeks for Android devices. This time we made the 3D models, programming and game design. Music is by Pietro Bardini, all the rights belongs to him. Screenshots


ORBITz is a little project developed in a few days for android devices. It’s a classic shoot ’em up arcade tribute in which you must to survive as long as possible to the hordes of triangles (creepy as fuck xD). Again, this is a one person development! ( Cheers! (?) )


‘ErosX’ is our first videogame published so it represents a lot for me. It’s a short vertical shooter released for PC. Inmerse yourself in the battle against hordes of enemies who will not hesitate to destroy your little ship. ‘ErosX’ will take your hands and your brain to the limit. Platform: PC.Genre: Shoot’em up (vertical…
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